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Features of flexography printing machine
- Sep 07, 2018 -

1, the machine structure is simple, so easy to operate, and easy to repair and maintenance.The same function of flexographic printing presses is about the price of an offset press or gravure printing machine 30-50%.
2, the genetic material adaptability, from 0.22mm plastic film to 10mm after the corrugated board can obtain a satisfactory printing effect.
3, the pressure printing force is small, about 19.6-39.2n/square centimeter, in particular, and corrugated one kind can not withstand too much pressure of the substrate printing.
4, the printing cost is low, the main reason is the machine price is cheap, the Seihan expense is low, the printing process loss paper rate is low, the production cost is lower than gravure printing cheap 30-50%.
5. Good quality of printing products. The ink-inking system of inking rollers is used to simplify the structure of inking system and to achieve the quantitative control of film thickness. High-performance photosensitive resin version of the breakthrough technology, greatly improving the resolution of the printing plate and the reproducibility of the dot (up to 1-95%).Flexo printing in order to achieve 300-line/in color layer of the print, printing effect and offset printing and gravure compared to the United States.