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How to use the film blowing machine
- Sep 07, 2018 -

⒈ check the temperature control intact, heating appliances intact, pay attention to the timely adjustment of the point of heating temperature within the range of indicators.
⒉ check the traction speed and control the film thickness.
⒊ observation adjusts the thickness of the film evenly, the folding diameter conforms to the standard.
⒋ Check the air storage cylinder pressure, can not be too high, but there should be spare pressure.
⒌ check and control the raw material ratio and mix evenly.
⒍ Check the raw materials have no impurities, especially should be in time with magnet check iron mixed.
⒎ Check the gearbox position and air compressor cylinder lubricating oil lubrication situation.
⒏ regularly check the operating motor temperature rise and mechanical transmission situation.