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Notes for printing presses
- Sep 07, 2018 -

1. Ensure that the collar is responsible for supervising the safety of machine equipment and crew.
2. Before the operation, the workers must wear overalls, work caps, work shoes neatly dressed, buckle tight skirts and cuffs, pocket is not installed easily out of clutter, not wearing watches and various ornaments.
3. Before starting, you should add the required lubricating oil (grease) to each oil point, lubrication Point and tank in the machine.
4. Before the machine starts, should check the fuselage each part has the debris, must first give the signal (according to the safety Bell), the front and rear echoes, determines the machine around the safe side to be able to boot.
5. Before the operation of the machine, counter-point weeks, and then a few weeks, so as to avoid debris between the rollers of rubber blanket, printing plate.
6. In the operation of the machine, it is forbidden to touch the sports face by hand, not to repair and wipe the machine, not to cross the rotating parts, to keep the machine protection device complete.
7. The crew should be strictly according to the Division of labor, always pay attention to the operation of all parts of the machine, found that the problem immediately stop processing. 8. Work space should be kept clean and smooth, ground.
table, machine around no debris, maintenance tools, spare parts should be placed in the specified position.
9. At the end of the work, clean the machine, protect the printing plate, scrub clean blanket, imprint roller and pillow, turn off the power, fill in the logbook.
10. Regular maintenance and repair of the machine, and fill in the maintenance record data can prolong the service life of the machine, improve production quality and safety production.
11. Non-staff operation prohibited.


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