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The structure of rotogravure printing machine
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Gravure printing machine is mainly composed of unwinding machine, guide group, Printing Group, slitting group and control group. Unwinding machine is mainly to complete the roll in a certain speed and tension under the conditions of the expansion, and maintain the corresponding stable state, at the same time to complete the automatic or manual splicing of Web pages. The main function of the Guide group is to ensure that the paper amplitude is not transverse offset during the printing process, and that the tension of the paper is stable. Printing Group is the main part of gravure printing machine, complete the main process of printing, including ink supply, printing, drying and so on. Slitting group will be printed on the entire printed semi-finished product, divided into molded small sheet products.
The control group mainly sets the operating parameters and working state of gravure printing machine, including the working state of speed, tension, temperature, pressure roller, scraping knife and ink pump, etc.