Three Side Sealing Zipper Standing Bag Making Machine

Three Side Sealing Zipper Standing Bag Making Machine

This machine is suitable for producing two-layer or multi-layer three-side sealing laminated film pouches with zipper sealing and doy-pack making function which take BOPP, PET, CPP, PE, nylon, aluminum foil and paper as base aterial. With such characteristics as easy...

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Product Details

Machine Introduction

This machine is suitable for producing two-layer or multi-layer three-side  sealing laminated film pouches with zipper sealing and  doy-pack making function which  take  BOPP,  PET,  CPP, PE, nylon,  aluminum foil and paper as base aterial.  With such characteristics as easy  operation,  smooth product, beautiful appearance, high-strength thermal edge sealing and high Bag Making speed, it is a kind of ideal equipment for acking and making pouches.

Machine Feature

1.Whole machine controlled by imported central PLC control system with man-machine interface. More stable performance, easy for operation and maintenance. Chinese and English interface language can be shifted easily.

2.Introduce AC motor with inverter for unwinding feeding, unwinding speed is kept the same pace with main motor, with auto constant tension control.

3.Horizontal air shaft for main unwinding, with air lock device, K type folding structure, LPC web guider device.

4.Horizontal air shaft for accessories material unwinding, triangle plate material folding for doy-pack bottom, with auto constant tension control.

5.Introduce imported three servo motor system for  material feeding, dancing roller for tension control, dynamic tension compensation.

6. Introduce AC servo motor for heat sealer, the sealing time can be pre set according to different pouch making reqirment. With pneumatic up-down material skip feeding function.

7.Two bridge type zipper sealer, five bridge type longitudinal heat sealer for side sealing, five cross heat sealing, with recycling water chilling system.

8.PID for heat sealing temperature adjustment, temperature range 0~300℃,  No touch auto control, centralized setting in man-machine interface.

9.Equipped with Pneumatic multi-function auto punching device, trim cutting  and auto rewinding and static eliminator

10.Punching method: set continuously, interval and stop, the punching time can be preset.

11.Counter: quantity, batch accumulation, pre-set available.

12.Indexing conveyor: the quantity can be preset for indexing converying.

13.Working mode: Length fixation and photo-cell tracking, the photocell can track and locate the printing mark automatically.

14.Material Skip Feeding: one to six times available.

15.Over load protection function for servo motor, machine will be stopped automatically when out of material.

Membrane Chart


Technical Parameter



Max diameter of substrate


Max width of substrate


Max production speed


Max mechanical speed


Max bag width


Total power


Total weight


Overall dimension


Machine Overview






Outdoor Activities


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